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How to Daily Maintenance LV, GUCCI and Other Luxury Bags(3)

4. Cleaning methods:

All first with LV special leather cleaner decontamination, brush brush, wipe the dark stains. And then LV dedicated leather care and maintenance liquid LV120 do maintenance. Metal accessories: zipper head, buckle and the like to keep dry. If there is a slight rust mark, you can use rub silver cloth rub (reminder: rub silver cloth used again and again, do not wash a wash it out of the special coating is useless), zipper often used, so want to Health Rust, it is really very difficult, golden locks generally wipe with a clean silver cloth to complete the cleaning. If the metal pieces into a black, and can also be used clean cotton cloth rubbed copper oil can be decontamination.

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5. Collection of luxury bags method:

After cleaning the first bag with white paper wrapped in a bag into the dust bag, LV bag with leather part of the fact most afraid of water stains. Many with a lot of leather bags are often very easy to dye, so the air humidity is relatively large place, remember to put a little dry bag inside the bag so as not to damp yellow. The bag should be stored in dry and ventilated place.