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How to Extend the Life Span of Furniture


In home decoration,leather  furniture is the most important part, due to the large part of the furniture of life, supplies, prices are relatively expensive, so it is not always possible replacement, maintenance of good furniture, prolong the life of furniture has become very important in family life some reasonable place: furniture placement is very important part of the ground is important to remain flat, furniture placement can secure the future of the plain, because the long-term if the furniture is in the swing state, the various parts of discontinuity will lead to loose fasteners off, blocking part of the plastic, affect the life of furniture.

To prevent exposure: Furniture in place, the general best not to choose near a window to avoid direct sunlight. Because if the furniture for a long time by the exposure can occur fading, cracking, peeling and other phenomena, metal furniture oxidative deterioration may occur and dull. If space limitations can not move, you can use curtains or blinds shading to protect furniture from damage. Promptly clean: furniture in the use of the process, often from dust, so the need for frequent cleaning furniture, clean surface.

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The best choice for use as pure cotton cleaning cloth, wipe the surface of the light to the floating dust, surface treatment by paint furniture, to avoid alcohol wipe with gasoline and other solvents can be used as a colorless wax furniture polish smooth evenly over the surface of the furniture increase gloss furniture. Avoid wet: dry indoor humidity should be maintained at a relatively stable level in the use of humidifiers, pay attention Do not spray directly at the furniture. Because the wet metal parts will rust, wood decay, bonding part plastic, so when wiping furniture, do not rinse with water directly, do not use too wet cloth, preferably gently wipe with a damp cloth.

Keep away from heat: the placing of furniture away from gas, radiator, electric heating and other heat sources, so over time, after the furniture to heat, due to the excessive evaporation, resulting in furniture, paint cracking, peeling and fading of furniture and so on.