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How to Handle Rabbit Fur Hair Loss

Rex fur fur to wear both soft and warm, and thus subject to a lot of women welcome. However, in the face of Rex fur fur hair loss how to do this problem, we are a bit helpless, do not know how to run. In fact, Rex fur fur hair loss how to do this problem is not unresolved, the following Pete small series to detail.


Rex fur in the understanding of hair loss how to do before we first come to know why the next Rex fur fur hair loss. On the hair loss is normal, if not hair loss that is not normal, because the real animal fur began to hair loss, and human hair, this is the normal biological characteristics.

Generally just produced the fur will have floating in the production process of floating hair mixed in the inside, each piece of fur splicing up the blade hair, hair is relatively more hair is light is relatively small, will naturally fall off. After receiving the goods, forced jitter, a lot of tapping to help the hair was awakened by pressure. In general, floating hair can normally be used for a few days out.


In order to solve the rex fur fur hair loss how to do, we can use the following approach. First of all, we have to follow the size of fur clothes, choose a plastic bag or fresh bags, bags must be clean if no holes. The clothes into the bag, gently squeeze out all the air, the bag out of the air after the bag to play a ligation of the mouth, and then into the freezer freezer frozen about 2 hours out, so the whole organization Rex rabbit hair To tighten, not easy to hair loss.

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Rex fur fur clothing should be stored in a cool dry environment, should not touch the water or directly exposed to the sun, damp fur easier to hair loss. Used fur in the collection before, should use the appropriate brush along the direction of hair brush again, remove dander and insects. After the rainy season, the fur must first cover a layer of fur cloth, to avoid direct sunlight, drying and other fur to be warm and then collected up. Rex fur fur garments should be used wide shoulder hangers hang, so as not to deformation, cut can not use plastic bag coat cover fur, the best can be used with silk cover.


Rex fur fur hair loss how to do this problem although once plagued female friends, but under your careful care, the fur will be rejuvenated with youth, to accompany you until a long time later. As the fur is more valuable, so it is best to fur fur fur clothing sent to a special care fur care, so that more harm than good.