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How to Identify PU, Semi-PU, PVC and Others

Engaged in the leather industry, you probably all know, leather is called artificial dermis outside synthetic leather, but now synthetic leather used on the market can be divided into PVC, semi-PU, PU, microfiber leather, imitation microfiber leather, leather aqueous , solvent-free leather and so on, people could not tell silly. The following let us work together to uncover their mystery.


First, PVC leather

PVC leather from the manufacturing process can be divided into rolling PVC and release coating known as PVC semi PU, semi-PU with respect to the rolling PVC has a higher production stability, to meet the current high demand for market products, such as water color, first high demand degree, but half PU manufacturing process with respect to the rolling PVC is more complicated, so prices will be relatively high, while rolling PVC production process is relatively simple, and there are recyclable nature. So there is a very high price advantage, so rolling PVC is also widely used to obtain the corresponding colleagues calender PVC is the first widely used synthetic leather products.


Second, PU leather

Because PVC products softness, ductility, toughness, not affected by temperature stability, environmental protection, can not meet the requirements of social and commodities markets arising from the PU synthetic leather.

In the first PU leather clothing has been an unprecedented development and use, but also for the future development of diverse and multi-quality PU leather and laid a solid foundation, but also a succession of PU leather appeared on luggage, footwear and other products more quality development, but production of PU synthetic leather is more complex, higher raw material prices, so PU leather in meeting social needs while also generating the corresponding high price.




Third, microfiber leather, leather water-based, solvent-free leather

Due to the social needs of a wide range of demanding high environmental protection, high-quality properties, low carbon, low energy consumption, low pollution, so as to have appeared in a new generation of synthetic leather products, the price is correspondingly higher price of other synthetic leather, the quality good, excellent cold, breathable, anti-aging properties, but also by domestic and foreign big-name designer leather goods respected and favor. Perhaps these types of new leather represents the direction of the development of artificial leather, but since this is a science and technology products, focused on the strength of strong domestic and foreign manufacturing enterprises engaged in production, with a certain degree of monopoly, resulting in high prices. As the price, applicability for various reasons, these types of new synthetic leather in the leather industry has not yet been widely used.


Fourth, artificial leather choice

PVC, semi-PU, PU synthetic leather, or a new generation of products that are designed to meet the needs of people now value corresponding to the desired product emerged, no matter what kind of synthetic leather requires good management and good quality assurance in place , can be regarded as a good product. Now it has become a mainstream leather ecologically sustainable development, environmental protection and the concept of quality assurance by customers. I believe their choice and do their own product, you will do better!