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how to make the scratch go away

1. Clean up spills fast
A splash of water every now and again won’t ruin your fancy leather sofa, provided you wipe it up immediately. If you freak out about the spill, and the stain that it will inevitably cause, you will likely wait too long and wind up with a stain. Instead, wipe it up quickly with a soft cloth and allow to air dry, leaving you with a stain free, still pristine piece of furniture. If you don’t quite catch the spill on time, and are worried about staining, spread the remaining liquid over the cushion or section of the couch, and proceed to wipe the spill up from there. By spreading the spill to the edges of the section of leather, you are eliminating the line surrounding the watermark, often the most telltale sign of a stain.
2. Use only a soft brush or cloth to remove dirt.
Dirt and other small debris can scratch the wholesale pu leather during a wet cleaning or conditioning, creating imperfections and giving microbes the opportunity to grow. To avoid this, wipe your leather furniture regularly with a dry cloth, taking extra care to remove debris before cleaning or conditioning.
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3. Speaking of cleaning…
Only clean using a damp cloth. Under no circumstances should you use cleaners with ammonia or alkaline, because they can damage the leather beyond repair. If absolutely necessary, a mild soap that is safe for use on people can be safe on leather, but there is no way to know for sure so proceed with caution.
4. Back to those pesky scratches
When it comes to leather furniture, scratching is inevitable, and while the first scratch on your brand new sofa will probably haunt you forever, fixing it (and the dozens of other scratches that are also kind of inevitable) couldn’t be easier.
When you first notice a scratch, simply rubbing at it with your fingertips can be enough to make it go away. The oil on your fingertips will blend with the natural oils on the couch, filling in the scratch like it was never there. If the scratch is too deep, or the fingertip method didn’t quite give you the results you were looking for, a can of shoe polish (we love Kiwi for its color selection, and availability at just about every grocery store) that matches your leather can fill in the scratch and blend it with the rest of your sofa. One final solution to scratches of every shape and size is Neatsfoot Oil. Applied in a circular motion, Neatsfoot Oil conditions and covers, blending scratches and scrapes while leaving your sofa softer than ever. If you happen to have a steamer, steaming a small area on your sofa can be a great way to reduce scratches.