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How to Wash Shoes do not Smelly-Clean Shoes Tips

I believe that many people will be such a trouble: wearing a day of shoes running on the outside, home off the shoes, but found the shoes become smelly, especially those who have sweat people appear this situation is more serious. If you have such trouble, then take a look at the following with you how to introduce a few shoes how to wash the little trick.


How shoes do not wash the little trick:


First of all, when we wash the shoes, first with 3 two alcohol plus two capsules of drops of dew mixed together, then add water. And then soak the shoes in the water, the water can not be half of the shoes can be, so let it soak for 15 minutes, and then turn over and then soak for 15 minutes. 30 minutes later, then use soap or shoes special agent cleaning on it. After the above steps shoes dried, your shoes no longer smell, and will become very fresh and have a drop of dew fragrance.


How shoes do not wash the little trick two:


To keep the shoes is not smelly way, is to always carry on the maintenance of the shoes. Each time after the shoes can be dragged into the shoes inside the geranium essential oil or put into the cotton balls with lemon oil, this method can also be used continuously, the shoes can be a good smell to remove. How to wash the shoes do not smell? And every time after washing the shoes can also use this method, so that will wear every time the shoes are new.


How shoes do not wash the little trick three:

Some shoes washed easily deformed, degumming, so long can use the following method. Put the insole or sponge pad out, and then even spray some 50 degrees of liquor, until all wet so far, and then take the dried. After such a deal, the problem of shoes smelly resolutely resolved.