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Knowledge of Easy to Mold the Leather

First, the anti-fur: anti-fur is a kind of easy to mold the leather, the material because in the latter part of the production, the need for post-processing polishing fixing, etc., because the current export demand for environmentally friendly shoes, many manufacturers in the post- Water-based treatment agent for treatment, which is affecting the back of the mold moldy one of the biggest problems.


Second, the oil skin (oil wax skin, crazy horse skin, oil skin): such leather in order to achieve the surface of gloss and oil, manufacturers in the production of such leather will use a lot of white mist wax and some of the materials and some Can be achieved so that the surface filled with a sense of the material to make oil, then this kind of leather is the most easily moldy.


Third, the cloth type (ultra-fiber, velvet) This type of material is also very easy to mold a large class of material.



So the daily leather shoes moldy how to do?

How to do moldy leather:

In daily life, leather, leather bags and other leather products moldy environmental conditions are: moisture, the existence of animal feces and mold growth and development for the temperature, and thus in daily life, leather products should be stored in a dry environment, collection Before thoroughly cleaning, the most effective method is vacuum isolation preservation, but this method is difficult to implement.


The best and easiest and most effective method is: first with Finnis leather cleaner will leather products thoroughly clean, and then on a layer of Finnis leather care lotion, and then put the leather in a dry environment to save.


When you smell the smell of the clothes in the closet, you can add two tablespoons of white vinegar and half a bag of milk in the wash basin water, soak the clothes in this specially prepared laundry water for 10 minutes, so that vinegar and milk adsorption clothes Musty, and then on the red, under the wash, left rubbing, rubbing the right, and finally washed with water, musty no.


Mold how to do shoes:

Shoes mildew mildew removal method is: first dry shoes, and then damp cloth (such as forced wrung dry towel) gently wipe the salt cream, such as salt disappeared, the shoes to dry, then re-use Wet cloth wipe, a little dry carefully rubbed again Fennis shoe polish can be. Another mold for the shoes, can also be used soft cloth dipped in alcohol and water (1: 1) solution to wipe, and then placed in a ventilated place to dry, mildew can be eliminated.


In addition, users also summed up their own way of cleaning shoes mildew: can be thick with some hot soapy water (do not use bleach or enzyme composition with the addition of soap, or cotton fabric will fade) repeated scrubbing can be removed; Mung bean sprouts the white part of the rubbing, and then rinse with water.