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Leather Board Four Useful Features

The new Chinese furniture wood-based panel to facilitate the construction, manufacturing costs low. And wood-based panel board has very beautiful wood grain and high wear resistance, and therefore do not dispose of any finish, just follow the plan scale sawing, edge, convergence. Thus, the traditional Blockboard plywood glue or paste Boeing sheet comparison, can save more than two-thirds of the time and cost of workers. Wood-based panels will not be formed because the glue was dry so that water can not evaporate in the mold plate.

Low cost because they no longer finishes, paint, short construction period, a significant reduction in costs. Products, both wood commodities beautiful, by the use, environmental protection and other features, there is a greater price advantage.


Scope of wood-based panels, because wood-based panels have beautiful, high water resistance, high environmental protection, light weight strengths, so useful in a wide range, can be used for wardrobe, bathroom cabinets, cabinets, bookcases, office furniture, etc., can also be applied to small door scale. Product core technology, introduces the base material: wood imported and domestic high-quality timber. Plywood (plywood, plywood) Appearance: selection of imported paper, colorful, full specifications. Its color beyond any kind of wood species, not color. Waterproof, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, anti-aging, fire-retardant features reach international norms. Wood-based panels level of environmental protection in strict accordance with the European norms produced.

The appearance of wood-based panel board technology has pitted two kinds of embossed surface and can also be produced in the mirror and imitation leather pattern, wallpaper patterns and other imitation. Color and texture of wood is very rich, it can be customized.

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