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Leather breathes

This might sound like a vague argument, but leather is a fabric that breathes well. Imagine what would happen if you seal a room and leave it like that for a year. You would end up having a room full with fungus, bad, if not unbreathable air, the things in it would get either too moist or too dry and everything would be out of place. However, if you let air go through the room or have wooden window frames, everything will still be in order one year later. The same happens with leather. If you keep your goods in leather bags and wallets or dress up in leather, everything will be balanced and right due to this factor. This is a great unique feature leather has, and you should take advantage of it!

Flexibility. With all the talk about leather being tough and unbreakable, one might begin to think that leather is similar to rock or wood. But that’s obviously not the case. With time, leather becomes more and more flexible while keeping its shape and strength. This is why you shouldn’t worry if a leather item you purchased seems a little woody in the beginning and then begins to soften, that’s supposed to happen and it’s not a bad thing. Being flexible makes leather only greater, as it molds to its owners lifestyle, shape and way of use.

Leather doesn’t cost much. When we tell people that Belt Leather Supplies is inexpensive they generally will say “right” with an ironic tone in their voice. But leather is truly not expensive. It is true that leather products cost more than products made from synthetic leather or other fabrics, but they last so much longer that the cost/wear ratio is extremely small. For example if you buy a leather duffle bag for $900, but you will use it for the next 10 years, it means that it costs you only $90/year. If you use it 150 times in a year, the cost/use is $0.6. From experience, we can tell you that some leather backpacks or other types of bags can very well last more than 10 years.

It is eco-friendly. Not only is leather natural and therefore no chemicals were used in the making of it, polluting the air, the rivers and the environment in general, but unlike other fabrics, leather is also bio-degradable. Even though leather is chemically treated, it does not compare to the amount of chemicals used for producing synthetic goods. In a world where fashion is often accused of not being environmental-friendly, owning leather goods is just a way to be both eco-friendly and stylish.

Leather smells good. As weird as this might sound, leather has a certain smell to it with which you might be familiar. The reason this is important is not only because one can have a nice experience smelling his leather wallet, but for another reason as well. If you have a synthetic wallet or key tag and place it in your bag or briefcase, the bad smell a synthetic product might have can spread all over, giving you and the people around you a big surprise when you open the bag or briefcase. Moreover, since the smell of leather is a natural one, it behaves well when in contact with perfumes, so you won’t have bad experiences that might involve the change of your perfume’s smell.

To conclude, we can say that Belt Leather Supplies is one of our favorite fabrics, as it is strong, but works with you and your lifestyle, it is inexpensive and natural, it looks amazing and is extremely durable.