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Leather Care Methods Summary - Leather Care Skills

Oil the bag

leather shose

Often leather bag oil

1, remember that often oil purses.

The main role of oil is to make the surface of the reservoir can better protect the bag is not damaged by other things bedroom, but also to protect the bag does not fade, to extend the bag's life. The trick is to rub the oil before the first to remove the bags on the dirt and dust, oil slightly after a moment, call light. Play with a brush and dry cloth can be, to quickly friction bag to heat, so that oil infiltration of the cortex.


Do not let the bag water

bag leather

Do not let the bag water

2, remember do not let the bag water.

The whole bag to pay attention to waterproof, easy to deformation due to bag after immersion, fade, sutures are easy to break. Bags coated with muddy water, you can not use water foam brush, soft cloth can be used to wipe the surface of the mud on the package, and then rub the oil to play light.


Place in a dry environment

clean leather.png

Place in a dry environment

3, the bag placed in a dry environment

Purses must always be kept clean and dry, because the wet environment will have moisture condensation in the bag, resulting in bags and elements of the bedroom fade. But must not be placed in the bag under strong sunlight exposure, or will cause the bag surface is too dry and cracking.


Wipe with protein solution

leather solution.png

Wipe with protein solution

4, dirty leather can be wiped with protein solution

Under normal circumstances there is no sense of care in the case of dirty leather are using paper towels or towels directly wipe. But not only can not wipe the purse, but also lead to the surface marks from the bag, scratch the epidermis. The use of protein solution can make the dirty leather surface soften, and then wipe will not damage the bag.


Leather faded care

leather fade care.png

Leather faded care

5, leather fade care skills

When the black leather bag faded wear and expose white, you can use ink dipped in egg white in the inkstone ground into juice, ink pen with ink coated repeatedly coated on the package surface, the faded part and a small cracks at some painted, coated After the ventilation in place to dry, and then coated with oil, rub with a brush. Leather oil black shiny, color as new.

Old leather with petrol

old leather.png

Old leather with petrol

6, purses old gasoline can be cleaned

Purses with a long time, it will lose luster and look old. You can use a clean cotton dipped in the amount of thinner or clean gasoline, gently wipe the package surface again, the focus of more than a few wiping, and then immediately on the oil again, rubbing cloth back and forth a few times, a pair of shiny as new bag Out.


Sealed with plastic bags storage


Sealed with plastic bags storage

7, leather goods storage skills

The best way to collect cotton bags is to use plastic bags sealed collection. Especially in the wet and humid areas of summer, the best results. The specific method is: first used wipes wipe with a damp cloth, dry, hit the oil, wait a minute, polished with a brush.Load into the plastic bag, the bag of gas discharge, with a rope Tighten the pocket. Using this method collection custody bag, bags can prevent dry deformation and deformation of raw mold.

Leather care methods in fact there are many, many small series can not 11 for everyone to say, but as long as we master some of the basic leather products, maintenance and care skills to a certain extent, to ensure their own bags, home sofa, shoes and other regular Maintain beautiful brilliance, we just remember: the secret of skin care products is less water immersion, more rubbed oil. When the bag is put up do not remember to use good protection measures to ensure that the bag is not moldy, will not be corrosive, while leather products in the surface layer of lard to prevent the leather surface cracks.