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Leather Maintenance Is More Important Than Cleaning

"Leather products more difficult to take care than the down jacket, because it can not be water. Leather sweat stains or rain, immediately with a towel or a clean cloth to dry water, and placed in a cool ventilated place to dry, not exposure, baking, Otherwise the leather will harden or shrink. "This is our technical teachers often say a word, leather is best to always remain dry, dip the moisture is best to clean up immediately. Remind you that leather clothing should pay attention to moisture, once damp moldy, leather will lose its luster, affecting fastness.


Leather, once accidentally damp moldy, you can use the brush and clean cloth, the moldy part of the wipe clean, and then a little skin oil evenly wipe (grinding dough is not applicable), wipe the leather before the less obvious test rub, Grease stains infiltration or discoloration phenomenon, can not restore the original color immediately stop using, after wiping, hangers hang in cool and ventilated place about 24 hours later, with a clean cloth will leather surface residual oil wipe clean. "If oil stained with cotton cloth dipped in ammonia, alcohol and water mixture scrub oil office, and then hang the ventilation drying.


Leather is not only to moisture and oil, but also the outer surface of the leather cleaning, oiling, coloring, polishing and maintenance, leather lining can only try to scrub, and then do not wear as much as possible hanging in the ventilation Department Lined body odor, sweat.

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If the home has suede skin, matte skin, turned fur, shiny leather and fur one of the leather, easier to absorb dirt, washing easy to fade, you can simply spray the top layer of colorless oil, but the coating can not be too thick, otherwise it will Change the feel, and even lead to split surface, thereby changing the original clothing style leather, leather loss of sense.


In addition to leather in addition to cleaning, should also pay attention to protecting the leather, to prevent the leather surface is hard objects or sharp objects pierced to prevent the leather stained with oil and so on. Smooth surface of the dust, oil, dry cloth or brush with a dry handle can be; hair dough and grinding skin eraser can be used to wipe the dirty place, if not completely wipe clean, please deal with our specialist shop, a certain Do not use oil or other chemicals.


Leather garments should be wrinkle-proof anti-cracking, as far as possible to avoid folding and weight. Leather wrinkles can be used when the non-steam iron (not the use of steam iron), put a piece of silk or cotton lining in the leather, gently back and forth to the low temperature wrinkle ironing, iron direct contact with the leather surface.