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Leather production Crafts

Synthetic leather manufacturing process can be divided according to the current dry PVC synthetic leather (leather), dry PU synthetic leather, wet PU synthetic leather.

1. PVC synthetic leather began to appear in 1948, yes. Paste stabilizer additives made on the fabric coated with PVC resin plasticizer. Or then laminating a layer of PVC film and then through a certain process machining process made. High-strength products. Processing is easy. Low cost. Do all kinds of bags. The socket. Lining. Debris. The main process includes a main production process are applied directly linked to law. Release paper method and calendering.

2. Dry PU leather

Dry PU leather is China from the late 70s from abroad production technology and equipment to develop the production of its production process through a certain product to the polyurethane resin solution wherein the volatile solvent, the resulting multi-layer film and Burkina Faso a multi-layer structure and body composition. At present, China mainly uses release paper production process based.

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3. Wet polyurethane synthetic leather

Wet polyurethane synthetic leather in 1963 by the DuPont company developed to market our country in the early 1980s introduced from Japan as a base microfiber wet polyurethane synthetic leather production line and technology. Then the country have introduced from Europe. Taiwan the hundreds of articles from the felt as the substrate production line. At present, both the nonwoven fabric or microfiber. from the felt substrate for the production equipment can be domestically produced.

Wet polyurethane synthetic leather natural leather is the best alternative, which is to add the DMF solution of polyurethane resin various additives to form a slurry, impregnated or coated onto a substrate, and then placed having affinity with DMF nature, incompatibility with the polyurethane resin water, DMF is replaced with water, the polyurethane resin gradually solidified to form a porous film. The film is called Bass (bass), after the film surface-treated decorative, such as release paper method process film made of different types, different styles of polyurethane synthetic leather.

Source: Leather Forum