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Leather Production Division In Favor Of Environmental Pollution

Tannery environmental problems and made the battered industry, we are accustomed to from raw hides to finished one-stop production and processing model, and ultimately the formation of waste water, waste and other ingredients complex, difficult to deal with, and more difficult to recycle. Therefore, the experts suggested that we should refer to international, especially the advanced European experience to carry out a process of production. Both each tannery produces only a procedure, such as rawhide to gray skin, gray skin to skin acid, acid hide to wet blue leather, wet blue leather to embryo, from embryo and then hide to finished leather, more detailed sub of the better. As a result, since each production period only, can yield a substantial increase, the equivalent concentration of production, which we are now engaged in the leather industrial park focused on the production of concentrated pollution is completely different. Now that the origin of raw hides, leather goods and the main market is different, more suitable for this segment of production and processing. In particular, this segment division processing, chemical involved relatively simple ingredients waste water, waste is relatively simple, effective governance is conducive to environmental protection, but also very beneficial to recycling, which makes us a headache to solve environmental problems, no doubt It is a good solution. Just a single enterprise more difficult to implement, in this regard, government guidance and industry organizations to actively promote it, is still very real.

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