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Leather Sofa Moldy, How to Clean it

1, immediately rub with a cloth, so that the mold will be washed into the pores or cracks, resulting in difficult to clean thoroughly after the clean;

2, with water, has been moldy, on behalf of the skin was eroded, the function has not so strong, and then washed, the water will penetrate into the skin, the destruction of the skin to soft leather skin film, that is, And leather simulation oil with the loss of water and lost, the skin will be like the mud in the pond dry, hardened, wrinkled, cracked, peeling.


3, do not use non-professional leather cleaner, more can not use ammonia and other alkaline cleaning, ammonia and other alkaline materials will dissolve the skin fiber, but also damage the skin of the skin to simulate the oil film, so that the leather hardened, wrinkled , Cracking, peeling.




Second, the correct approach

1, let the skin dry, you can move the leather sofa to a ventilated place, or open air conditioning dry;


2, dried skin, sweep the surface with the sweep of the moldy ash, and then dry and clean the battery does not bleach the color clean, and then brush the pores, the gap of the mold, and then rub with a soft cloth, try not to Mold into the pores or gaps;


3, wash the soft cloth, twist dry, clean the leather surface, in this rub the process, more clean, more water, to ensure clean;

5, with leather simulation oil formula cleaning products, applied to the leather surface, with some hard brush scrub, so that can completely clean the pores or cracks and other places dirt, with a soft cloth to recover dirt, and to wash cloth, More water, repeat cleaning 2 to 3 times;


6, ventilation or air conditioning to make the skin dry, with the skin simulation oil maintenance, not moldy;


7, because the pores or gaps may exist clean and dirty place, but also may be made a little mold, over a period of time, and then carefully check to see if it will mold, if any, repeat the above practice;

8, after 1 to 6 months with a leather simulation oil maintenance time, it will never mold, dirty and never exist what products are difficult to clean the problem, and leather sofa soft, full of flexibility, natural beautiful, Durable more than doubled, not afraid of children scribble.




Third, how to prevent leather sofas, leather, purses, leather shoes and other moldy mold?


1, leather moldy conditions: the existence of animal dirt, the environment is humid, the temperature is high, these three conditions have, it will mold;

2, countermeasures: clean and clean leather surface, with leather simulation oil maintenance, so that will not sticky leather leather oil, it will separate the skin between the moisture and the skin, the skin will not be wet, it will not mold The Its principle and cooking with oil separated dishes and wok, to prevent the same reason.


Leather sofa, leather, leather goods and other leather goods, the new time or clean, 1 to 6 months with a leather simulation oil maintenance time, there is no mold problem, there is no dermal hardening, wrinkling, cracking, peeling Problem, there is no more difficult to clean the problem.