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Leather Vs. Synthetic Uppers for Standing All Day at Work

Used for a variety of goods such as shoes, belts, jackets and others, Leather can be defined as a highly durable and flexible material created by tanning of animal skin and rawhide; often cattle. For footwear, leather is used in a wide range of types and sizes and decorated with an even more extensive array of techniques. From heavy duty safety work boots to casual, designer shoes, leather has seen and done it all. Leather is always an excellent choice for working both outdoors and indoors, and in many cases, it offers the highest levels of comfort. It’s also super easy to clean and offers workers great waterproof features. But shoes made of leather tend to be heavier than synthetic materials.
Synthetic Materials
Synthetic materials and fabrics are textiles constructed from manmade materials as opposed to natural fibers. Some synthetic materials include nylon, polyester, acetate, acrylic, spandex, orlon, lastex and Kevlar. Synthetic fabrics have numerous different qualities when compared to leather; including some not achievable with natural fibers. When it comes to footwear, synthetic materials offer a more lightweight feel and offer higher levels of breathability. Now, most people usually ask if synthetic materials for shoes can be waterproof. By adding various chemicals to fabric, synthetic material for your shoes can be made water resistant, softer, wrinkle free, strain resistant among others.