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Life Cycle of Synthetic Leather and Raw Materials

In the production of synthetic leather, the raw materials acquired from the earth are heavily processed to make polyvinyl chloride or polyurethane and excess chemicals during processing are recycled.  While currently manufacturers are feeding excess chemicals back into the life cycle to produce more synthetic leather wholesale, it doesn’t seem efficient.  Product durability seems to be a good solution for waste management by inhibiting the speed of the product life cycle with better raw materials (Blackburn, 2009).  However, lowering the product consumption is the best solution. Instead of creating more product life cycles with recycled material, it would be ideal to have a lower demand for the product and thus a lower amount of extracted resources, used energy, and harmful emissions.  If people didn’t have a constant demand for newer, more stylish synthetic leather products there would be less resources we must tap into in order to make polyvinyl chloride or polyurethane for synthetic leather.