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Manufacturing, branding, service high-end development of the leather industry

"Independent innovation", "core technology", "brand awareness" has become the "two sessions" of the hot words. For the leather products industry, in order to change from the low-end to high-end, to achieve industrial upgrading and transformation, the real international competitiveness, need to upgrade the three major areas: First, high-end manufacturing, the second high-end brand, service.

High-end manufacturing. High-end manufacturing refers to the high-end manufacturing sector, can be understood from three perspectives: 1, the technical high-end, the performance of knowledge, technology-intensive, multi-disciplinary and multi-domain high precision cross-technology integration; Chain, high-end, with high value-added features; 3, the core industry chain, the level of development determines the overall competitiveness of the industry chain. In simple terms, the high-end shoe manufacturing enterprises is the performance of "high-quality, high efficiency, high-tech, high flexibility, high value, high profit" six characteristics.


It contains several elements: First, high-end materials, such as top leather, high-end shoes, hardware accessories and so on. After nearly two decades of development, has formed a fairly complete shoe bag upstream and downstream industry chain, shoe bag research and development design, shoe bag production, material supply is very concentrated, all kinds of matching complete, on behalf of the Asian region the highest level of shoe manufacturing . Second, high-end technology. Such as Delcom, PGM, PDS, Emma NC, Rui Chau technology, Shigao, Bo Kai, also gathered in the service of the top shoe and leather goods in the country's leading shoe and leather goods luggage CAD / CAM system suppliers, The company's equipment suppliers such as Qianlong machine, Dapeng shoes machine, there are many centers (leather shoes and leather handbags fashion center, model center, orders center, production center, business center, brand center in the domestic industry Play a key role in the link), these high-end matching and combination, for the shoe and leather industry to provide the best digital production model and technology solutions. Third, high-end technology. Because of its international industry position and superior geographical advantage, it is the most intensive and highest level leather processing technology base in the whole region, such as NC leather punching, laser engraving, embroidery, hot drilling, bronzing, chrome printing, cutting, , Spraying, digital printing, special stitching, computer sewing, etc., 10 km range can be resolved, all kinds of shoes and bags of the most complex processing technology has a professional processor to provide services. Fourth, high-end talent. With the rapid development of talents and the fast development of shoe bag industry, the company has accumulated a large number of skilled workers and the talents of creative design, development, brand operation, planning, advertisement, promotion and service, which make Guangzhou have high-end manufacturing Of the environment and conditions.


High-end brand. Brand, not only a name, a trademark, but also includes the operation of the brand team, including planning, marketing, brand development around the brand positioning, advertising creative, sales, promotion, service and other full operation. The continuation of brand style and competitiveness behind the important support force is the creative design. Creative design (especially original design) for enterprises, is a big challenge, can not go past the plagiarism of the route and manner. Product design research and development to complement each other with the brand, for example, a luxury brand L.V, eyes closed you know what kind of style, and the general brand, how to look can not be impressed. The so-called high-end brands have their own brand philosophy and values, the Chinese brand is not the lack of ideas and values, but not enough to adhere to. The author as a senior industry experts, practitioners for 27 years has been actively promoting the development of Chinese original design, is committed to improving the overall design level of China's shoe industry, to encourage more young shoe bag designers to enhance creative ability.


High-end services. Is the personalized, comfortable, refined service. Personalized service refers to what kind of products customers want, companies can separate for customers to design, production, according to the requirements of the guests to manufacture and supply. Comfortable service, refers to the purchase process of pleasure index, from the consumer to accept pre-product information, to the store selection and experience, and then to the staff shopping contact feelings of friendship, to goods packaging, dress and match, and even experience and after-sales (A lot of luxury goods have a warranty, maintenance, finishing services) throughout the consumption process, can feel comfortable and pleasant. Refined services, refers to the manufacture of products is not crude or general quality, but to let customers love, indispensable.