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Leather is the full-grain layer of animal skin which still contain the fundamental structure but the physical, chemical characteristics of the leather is modified due to the purpose of use. Leather is created from animal hide. Animal hide contains Grain layers, Corium layer and flesh. In leather goods production, only full-grain and corium layers are used.
In full-grain layer of animal skin, collagen fiber occupies more than 80%. Collagen of animal hides reacts with tanning chemical substance to create leather. Within collagen, there are 18 different types of amino acids. These amino acids connect together to form the peptide bond.

In the grain layer, the collagen fiber are organized to form the fibrous structure of leather. The density, thickness and rigidity of the collagen fiber decides the technical specifications of leather. Commonly, the skin on the back has the most rigid structure which is the best quality leather/
Each animal has their unique skin structure (the ratio of amino acid, collagen fiber structure, density, fiber thickness, etc.), they are all different and it decides the quality of leather. Aminal age also has great influences on the quality of leather.

On leather, there can also be flaws because during the living time of the animal, it can get scratched, bitten by insects or other animal, diseases, etc. which also influnce leather quality. Based on the skn quality and leather using purpose, there are 5 types of leather:
• Full grain leather
• Nubuck
• Suede
• Corrected grain leather
• Finished split


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