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Need sofa buying advice. Leather vs microfiber for kids?

We desperately need a new sofa, so we went and looked at them this past weekend.
We saw a few that we liked. The ones that DH and I both liked are an expensive special-order Thomasville microfiber one in cocoa, a less expensive ($750) leather one in a cream color, a less expensive ($650) microfiber one in a cream color, and a less expensive ($750) microfiber one in a light mocha color.
We have six-year-old twins who aren't as gentle with furniture as I'd like. We're going to talk with them about being more careful with the new sofa, but it will still need to be family friendly (somewhat stain and scratch/puncture resistant).
I'm really nervous about buying Belt Leather Supplies, as I've never had leather furniture before. I'm also really nervous about buying anything in the cream color. The furniture salespeople assured us that neither cream-colored sofa would stain, and said that spills and things "wipe right off" both leather and microfiber. But what about crayon? Newspaper ink? Can you actually set a newspaper down on a cream-colored sofa and expect it not to end up gray?
Would a really light-colored microfiber sofa be less likely to show stains/dirt than the leather? Or would leather really be better?
So ... if you have kids, what sort of sofas do you have? Would you recommend microfiber or leather? Also, do you think that light colors like cream would really be stain resistant, or would darker colors (mocha) be more family friendly?


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