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The future, the body wearing leather shoes, belts, leather, hand carry bags, wallet pocket, no longer kill all kinds of animals made. Dr. Carmen Hijosa, of the Royal College of Art, has invented a kind of "plant leather" that has less texture, texture, and durability than genuine leather, and the material is not noble and rare, but comes from you I have no familiar fruit ─ ─ pineapple.


Leather products has been a vegetarian and animal protection critics disdain industry, leather not only made the process of killing animals cruel, manufacturing and dyeing process must add a lot of chemicals, organic solvents and paints, not only poison the human body, the high concentration of wastewater generated organic Pollutants, are difficult to be microbial decomposition.



Almost no difference with the dermis "Pineapple leather products"


Dr. Carmen Hijosa has 15 years of experience in the leather industry, at an invitation to the Philippine counseling leather export industry, she saw the local leather quality is not high, poor working conditions, serious environmental pollution, so the proposed industry: why not develop other fiber? In particular, the Philippines have a variety of natural fibers, Yi Zhuo Sha also put into research and development.


Dr. Carmen Hijosa Photo via Royal College of Art


After several attempts, Izouta found that the pineapple leaf fibers were very tough and very suitable for making non-woven mesh materials. To achieve their goals, they decided to pursue their Ph.D. She later recalled: "I have to carry out a thorough study, it had to go to a degree in order to do." After 5 years, she successfully developed a leather, patented name "Piñatex ™", Piña is the Spanish pineapple . This fiber waxing (Waxed), indentation and other treatment, not only can be completely taken with leather, but also presents a very luxurious texture.

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And the dermis has a similar appearance, there can be like canvas dyeing, printing and processing, get different texture. "Piñatex ™ can be made into shoes, we can make bags, we can use it in chairs and sofas, and eventually it can be made into the inner lining of the car," says Izoutha.


Each piece of pineapple leaves can get 5% of the leather, the price of about 60% of animal leather, 18 pounds per meter (about NT $ 883), waste fully biodegradable. Pineapple leather to make leather pants, shoes, sofas, purses, leather hats, many fabric manufacturers Puma, Camper, Ally Capellino have joined the product application design. Dr. Carmen Hijosa future will borrow this process to other areas, for the sustainable rural economy into running water.