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Pleather comes in a variety of styles and sheens, including the above sample textured

From a fashion perspective, pleather comes in unlimited colors, weights, and textures. It also has a touch of elasticity that makes it comfortable, versatile, and stylish for all sorts of garments.

Not all pleathers are created equally. While PVC was often a component of pleather in the past, use has dwindled for two main reasons. First, it doesn't breathe; second, if it's dry-cleaned, it becomes unbearably stiff. Today, it is more common for pleather to be a blend of cotton and polyurethane, giving it air flow and the option for dry-cleaning.
Since pleather looks so closely like real leather these days, there are a couple of tips you can employ to tell the difference when you're at the fabric store (as if the price wouldn't be the first clue!). First, check if the material contains any elasticity. If it stretches, then it's pleather. Leather has no give to it.

Secondly, check the back of the fabric in question. Pleather often has a thin, fleece-like backing, while leather has a thick, suede-like backing.