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Present Situation and Development of PU Synthetic Leather Auxiliaries Industry

With the progress of technology, PU synthetic leather has a more excellent performance than natural leather, a wider range of applications in the sophisticated defense industry, aerospace and other high-tech fields have also been applied. At present, the global PU synthetic leather market size of 500 to 70 billion US dollars, mainly in China, South Korea, Japan, South America, South Asia, Europe and other regions. China has nearly 2,000 large and small PU synthetic leather production enterprises (into the statistics of the 500 or so), the world's first. Can be expected, PU synthetic leather research and development, will be due to the needs of more updated human progress, PU synthetic leather in the future, will be colorful, brilliant.


So, PU synthetic leather is how to develop and progress? In addition to the production process, equipment, substrate and other continuous innovation, perhaps more important is the development of additives, innovation.


The additives mentioned in this article include not only the additives and functional materials, but also the surface treatment agents, special resins and the like which are prepared by blending or synthesizing the additives and the functional materials with ordinary PU resin. Its use includes PU resin additives and PU synthetic leather additives.


In general, PU synthetic leather innovation as follows:

Innovative additives to the process of PU synthesis = PU resin -> + innovative innovative additives such as the base fabric + filler + Toner -> by a variety of innovative manufacturing process = PU synthetic leather.


Thus, the development of additives in the development of PU synthetic leather plays a vital role.


Additives classification: Additives are generally divided into the following five categories:

First, solve the fault class. Such as: defoamer, wetting agent, anti-pin agent, leveling agent, wet with fixing agent, removal of DMF additives, even foam additives, anti-adhesive, interfacial fusion agent, tackifier, dispersant and many more. This kind of material in the PU resin and PU synthetic leather manufacturing process plays a vital role, without them, PU resin and PU synthetic leather can not be normal production;

Second, improve the processing performance class. Such as: high peeling auxiliaries, anti-tearing auxiliaries, cationic  ion penetrating agents, cell conditioning agents, resin modifiers, filler addition promoters, aids, modulants, Special embossing additives, gold foil with additives, rubbing profile additives. These materials are PU resin and PU synthetic leather, an important part of its physical properties and feel a major change in order to meet people's requirements;


Third, increase the PU material itself does not have the function class. Anti-aging agent, anti-yellowing additives, cold-resistant agent, anti-hydrolysis agent, breathable absorbent material, anti-aging agent, anti-aging agent, Anti-radiation materials, insulation materials, anti-far infrared materials, aromatic materials, light-emitting materials and so on. The addition of such materials, so that the synthetic leather has a PU itself does not function, which appeared functional PU resin and functional PU synthetic leather, to meet the needs of more areas of human;

Fourth, the regulation of PU synthetic leather surface effect and feel class. Such as: smoothing agent, wax hand feeling agent, special color touch feeling agent, powder sense material, fog black material, feeling sense material, drape material, soft material, leather special shrink material, fog wax material, color change material, wet Wax sense of material, cashmere material such material is mainly available to PU synthetic leather surface special effects, to meet people's individual needs and with the fashion, the pursuit of the United States.