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Price Competition, Starved Counterparts, Kill Yourself(2)

4, caused by our lovely customers

Style of life is to your taste,

Quality of the product that you choose!

Select only the time will tell your rational and far-sighted!

It was expensive, yes, because good, so expensive!

The quality of your products, people in your taste!

Premise services is profit,

Profit margins may be squeezed,

But not disappear,

Otherwise, profits disappeared along with the service there.

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Please do not blindly excessive demands,

Each company must survive,

You took the manufacturers of living space,

Service, quality guarantee how?

Do leather is the conscience,

We prefer to explain the price while,

Not to do quality, apologized to customers for a lifetime!

"Grab someone else's orders, breaking its own way!"

Low price orders of business only immediate value, but seemingly compelling individual choice in the industry as a whole harm healthy development. Such a business model will not last long, but also in industry transformation and upgrading process, the company also lost the ability in terms of product development, process innovation to enhance its development road only gets narrower, in the end you will find that this is a dead end .

In fact, the price war game, the mining companies can rely on their own advantages to get more benefits. - By product speak, win the price war!