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Prospects Artificial Leather

Natural leather along with human development, with a long history, and the natural characteristics of fine natural leather has been widely used in the production of daily necessities and industrial and other fields, so that human clothing, food, shelter, can not do without it. However, with the rapid development of the world population growth, people's living standards and the continuous improvement of national economies, human demand for leather doubled, plus raw leather hides and skins of global resource scarcity and rapid increases in processing costs, as well as serious environmental pollution, resulting in natural leather application range is gradually shrinking, natural leather can not meet the normal needs of the people.

Artificial Leather

At the same time, scientists at home and abroad, in order to solve this problem, a few decades ago began to research and development of artificial leather, synthetic leather, in order to compensate for the lack of natural leather. Scientists have been continuous efforts, has successfully developed artificial leather. Compared with natural leather, its rich source of raw materials, has reached or exceeded the performance of many natural leather, wide range of applications, and the yield is unparalleled natural leather. The extensive use of artificial leather also conducive to environmental protection, in line with the requirements of environmental protection and sustainable development, has gradually been favored by people around the world, the development of broad prospects exception.

Courtyard by virtue of the opportunities we enter the 2007 crown leather industry , and has maintained a healthy , stable and rapid growth , adhere to the " people-oriented " management philosophy , and gradually formed a caring for others, contributing to society , innovative and enterprising harmonious corporate culture. After contacts with industry practice and experience accumulated over nine years , and uphold our customers to provide the best price leather products business mission , " argumentative good quality , customer service, striving for perfection ," in order to become a world-class supplier of leather . For the customers and the community continue to create value . Export business opened in 2014 , is committed to development.