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Leather is widely used material for manufacturing garments, shoes, accessories and home decoration items. It is found that more than a billion animals are slaughtered every year by the global leather industry for making stylish and exclusive leather garments, footwear and accessories. In order to save the animals and create a sustainable environment, it is advisable to switch to eco-friendly and cruelty free leather.

The products such as jackets, coats, pants, shoes, bags, belts, etc. are made from this luxurious skin and universally used by people daily. But, what one forgets is the atrocities the animals face to make these items. Also, it is important to note that such animal cruelty is only done, as there is a huge demand of leather in the global market. So, it wouldn't be wrong to say that decrease in leather demand will directly result into decrease in animal cruelty.

Leather industry is also not an eco-friendly industry. The chemicals used for tanning gives out toxic gases and effluent, which make it a dangerous place for the workers. The modern tanning process use loads of energy, water and chemicals. The processes pollute the land to such an extent that old tanneries land cannot be used for cultivation.

They not only damage the land but also pollute the waterways into which harmful effluents are discharged. Leather is made from cows, pigs, goats, sheep, alligators, ostriches, dogs, cats and kangaroos skin. These animals are killed for meat and skin. Most of the leather comes from China and India where there are no stringent animal welfare laws. Buying leather directly encourages animal killing.

The only solution to end the cruelty done to animals is to stop buying animal fur or things made from animal skin. Fur garment will definitely make an impression. However, one must remember that it has been ripped from live animals. Around 40 million animals are killed every year for their fur that are raised in small, dirty cages and treated inhumanely.

Leather industry is a flourishing industry in itself. Many animals are castrated, dehorned, bled to death, skinned and have tails chopped without using anesthesia for their skin, which is used in making leather garments. So, saying no to leather garments means saving the animals from such brutality. According to a study by New York state department for health, out of all the testicular cancer patients surveyed, 50% or more people worked in tanneries.

With the increasing awareness about cruelty to animals, many people are opting for alternative leather products, to help create a sustainable environment. Artificial leather has become very popular nowadays in the leather market because it looks identical to real leather. Also, it has lot more flexibility and positively effects the environment unlike the leather industry.