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Technological Innovation and Product Development Leatherette Synthetic Leather(1)


In recent years, a variety of new, environmentally friendly leather synthetic leather products are increasingly widespread attention in history has never been like this year there are so many new products, synthetic leather, such as water, solvent-free synthetic leather, TPU synthetic leather, silicone leather polyolefin leather and so on. On the other hand, the use of leather synthetic leather products continues to expand, for example, on the phone holster applications, coated on the refrigerator door or the like, the demand quantity, quality, color, variety is changing. These changes have a direct impact on the development and promotion of technology and artificial leather synthetic leather products.


Depth analysis of the emergence of these new products, partly because of environmental drive, the traditional solvent-based synthetic leather development has been a great challenge; the other is competition dictates. Today's market, leather synthetic leather overcapacity, product homogeneity, product margins as thin as paper. Enterprises in order to obtain better benefits, in order to win in the fierce competition, we can not do everything inexhaustible innovative ideas. Especially in the present critical juncture leather synthetic leather industry transformation and upgrading of the living conditions of the majority of enterprises before. Therefore, the technical innovation and development of new products leather synthetic leather industry, has become placed in front of Chinese synthetic leather enterprises an important issue.


So how innovation? We need leather synthetic leather from innovative information and knowledge sources to be addressed specific aspects of innovative ideas and innovative means and methods.



一,the leather synthetic leather innovative information and knowledge sources


In the information and knowledge sources synthetic leather product development and technology aspects, summary, the following points:


1, market trends downstream of downstream products acting on the development of synthetic leather, synthetic leather to indicate the direction of innovation;


2, domestic and foreign counterparts pioneered the development of a new product information, research and development personnel to provide specific ideas;


3, various types of raw materials and technological progress related upstream industries, synthetic leather to provide innovative ideas.



Knowledge of the above three points need synthetic leather synthetic leather enterprises engaged in research and development and technical staff have interdisciplinary, the sharp market reach, advancing with the times, unrelenting attitude, spirit of continuous learning awareness, innovation and higher savvy. These requirements are very difficult to have both a technician. But to Chinese synthetic leather industry, specifically to synthetic leather business leaders and specific R & D technical team, we must first have this understanding, many businesses, many people, division of labor, in order to do a good job in this regard.


Now some companies set up technical research and development, market information, is responsible for this work, but compared with other countries, we put human and material resources is not enough, after all, this is an extremely difficult task.

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