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Technological Innovation and Product Development Leatherette Synthetic Leather(3)


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leather synthetic leather innovative method means


1. seeking to change the surface of synthetic leather, such as leather pattern, color, feel and style.


This type of change is the development of innovative synthetic leather is the most common use of the most results-based approach, so that we will now see the ever-changing synthetic leather, colorful. Product development is usually more dependent on special materials, and post-processing technology, and technical personnel to grasp the market. Because synthetic leather does not have a very specific criteria, so this kind of change is relatively easy, but it can be accepted by the market it is difficult. This skill savvy demanding.


2. seeking to change the physical properties of synthetic leather.


With demand for synthetic leather and functional diversification of increasing demands, such as requiring fire-retardant synthetic leather, radiation protection, wear-resistant, high peel, waterproof, breathable, anti-bacterial deodorant, scratch resistant and so on. Such variations are more dependent on technological progress and the development of special materials. Such innovation requires skill upstream raw material is extremely sensitive, good at capturing supply and demand information, to innovation;


3. the edge of the development of synthetic leather, this approach is taken in response to market demand and innovative techniques.


As in previous years are now popular cloth composite or composite mesh and synthetic leather on. Strictly speaking, this is not a traditional synthetic leather. In the future, we can not underestimate this type of synthetic leather edge of innovation, such as the recent emergence of TPU synthetic leather, leather, silicone, polyolefin leather, and there is increasing trend.


There is also a most important principle is the "Lead", "fast" word. Perhaps this is the key technology of synthetic leather product development and innovation, is to be our most important issue.

sum up

These are all of our practitioners, synthetic leather industry in the face of China, the face of your own business should be a priority, and always pay attention to the problem.


For Chinese synthetic leather industry in the world, bigger and stronger, to do the development of innovative technology products, synthetic leather, which seized the initiative in the future. Now most of the domestic synthetic leather enterprises in this regard the effort is not enough, we need to do long-term hard work. Moment, a time when our country critical period synthetic leather industry transformation and upgrading of industrial decline trend, many companies went bankrupt, is in a period of reconstruction of industry consolidation, then more needs to innovate in order to achieve a breakthrough.


We are in a "highly innovative" new era of synthetic leather artificial leather industry is waiting for us to open up a new chapter.