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Tenth Paper Industry Forum Advocating "One World, One leather"

August 30 normal hearing in the new economy, a new round of technological revolution and the industrial revolution and accelerate the transformation of economic development of the formation of a historic crossroads, the international division of labor is reshaping the industry, the integration of Internet industry and new cross-border being opened page, how to seize the historic opportunity for a new, to breathe new life into traditional industries? August 30 afternoon, the tenth Paper industry Forum sponsored by the China leather Association in Shanghai Hongqiao hotel gong to open the altar. This initiative, "One world, one leather" to "innovation-driven market integration of the future" as its theme.

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Forum invited well-known economic commentator, CCTV Financial Channel commentator Ye Tan, China Leather Association executive vice chairman and secretary general Li, the Chinese Culture Promotion Society President, cultural critic Wang, Marco Vignoli Italy Vignoli Consulting President, Brazilian leather Rogério Cunha Trade Center property manager industry (CICB), Marco Luppa CEO JH CTC Co., Ltd., vice president of China National garment Association, Annunciation Bird Group Co., Ltd. chairman Wu Zhize, former chairman of the US wholesale footwear retailers Association, the world's shoes Peter T.Mangione industry consulting firm co-president of the Netherlands Institute of Footwear SLEM founder and creative director Nicoline Van Enter other domestic and foreign guests speech.


By focusing on China, the United States, Brazil, the European Union, Vietnam, Indonesia, the world's most important leather market, the whole industry to rethink the Chinese leather industry advantage in the global positioning and a new round of industrial restructuring and change in the situation where, long-term planning, the layout of the future .