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The difference between pvc leather and pu leather

PVC resin as raw materials to produce artificial leather called PVC artificial leather (referred to as artificial leather); raw material production the leatherette called PU synthetic leather (PU leather), PU resin: PU resin and non-woven fabrics as raw materials to produce artificial leather called PU synthetic leather (synthetic leather for short).
PU, in the textile field called polyurethane, is one of the best performance of the insulation material on the international. The main chain-NHCOO–containing repeating structural units of a class of polymers. Diisocyanate (monomer) with a hydroxy compound polymerization having good oil resistance, toughness, abrasion resistance, aging resistance and adhesion. To adapt to the material in a wide temperature range (-50 to 150 ° C)! So cold tolerance of the PU is good!
But this is for the theoretically, in fact, due to various PU leather manufacturers process and the use of raw materials of varying quality, generally cold temperature of -20 degrees! Is on the application of this material to the garments waterproof and breathable products! That the so-called semi-PU, in fact, the above is PU, half of layer PVC material!

Called polyvinyl chloride PVC, in the textile field! Divided into soft PVC and hard PVC, rigid PVC accounts for about 2/3 uses tubes in class to life supplies, on a lot of soft PVC above said , more used in apparel, especially export raincoat, or the soft feel of the garment, but because of the soft feel garment field to be added to some softener, slip agents, and these substances inside the human body contains substances cause harm, so PVC is also becoming a non-environmentally friendly materials, on August 1, 2008 in the EU will be banned pin!
PU these problems do not exist in the process, so for the human damage is minimal simulation leather, or even and leather products similar (dermal products often must go through dyeing, finishing, etc., there will be some chemical and agent retention above)!
Furthermore, there are great differences in the process of PVC and PU, the price difference many, A professional China leather factory tell you that the PU is much more expensive than PVC!
The difference between the two is actually quite simple:
1.Burn, PVC will take the green smoke, the PU just black smoke;
2.PVC elastic than the difference between the PU, stretched Reply performance worse than PU;
3.PVC add some other substance, so smooth, the PU just by its very nature, it will be more sticky some, or a little comparison Q;
PU synthetic leather in terms of product quality, variety, yield has been growing fast. Its performance is getting closer to natural leather, some performance even more than natural leather, to the extent is difficult to distinguish natural leather true and false, and occupies a very important position in the daily lives of the human beings.


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