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The Leather Industry

Leather is not a by-product of the meat and dairy industry.
Animal skins turned into leather are a $1.5 billion dollar industry, which directly supports factory farming/slaughter
houses by accounting for 25% of their profits. The meat and dairy industry is not only heavily subsidized in the US by the government, but with meat consumption dropping since the 1970s, the profit from the sale of animal skins is essential to their business.
Over 2 billion dollars a year is spent convincing you otherwise.
The mainstream public has been brainwashed by carefully constructed marketing campaigns to perceive eating animals as natural, nutritious and healthy,the animals as happy and wearing their skin or fur as a status symbol of wealth, quality, sexiness, rebellious and luxury.
Meanwhile, the actuality of the abuses is kept well hidden from society’s view.
Do you know where any slaughterhouses or tanneries are? Probably not. These industries thrive on lies and profit from the suffering of sentient beings.