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Vegan Leather

Lorica: This material is made out of several different microfibers. Sidi, an Italian motorcycle company uses it a lot.
Birko-Flor: This is what eco-icon Birkenstock uses. It’s made out of acrylic and polyamide felt fibres. There are two kinds — the kind you find on normal Birks and a kind that looks like pleather.
Birkibuc: Another Birkenstock baby. It’s made out of the same stuff, but looks and feels like nubuck leather.
PVC: Finally, a term you should be familiar with! Good for animals. Not so good for environment.
Kydex: This is an acrylic-PVC alloy. It’s produce by Kleerdex, a manufacturing company.
I hoped this helped! Also, remember that being animal-friendly does not necessarily mean you are being eco-friendly. Using old and recycled leather could be better for the environment than buying a brand spankin’ new vegan-friendly bag. It just depends on where your priorities lie and what you are comfortable with!”
But the problem with “vegan leather” is, since it is not leather, when the user is finished with it and throws it out, it will stay in a landfill forever. At least real leather, which is a byproduct of our food chain, will completely decompose in a landfill. So much for being eco-friendly.The amount of chemicals in vegan leather far exceeds those used to make real leather and are not a byproduct of food production, but usually made from oil derivatives. Lots of potential for air, water, and land pollution.