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What are the real advantages of leather?

Real leather lasts longer and ages better than synthetics over time.

If you live in a rainy city, the water will also damage the synthetics much quicker than shoes with a higher quality build. Chances are if they are using low quality synthetic leather wholesale, the other components and overall comfort/design of the shoe are not great either.

Dress shoes that are under $100 are examples of this. They might feel good at first, but after six months it will start to break down and it'll never feel as comftorable as a high quality brand. I used to buy a new pair of dress shoes for work ($90-$120 range) every year until I spent the money and invested in a high quality $300 pair that is still with me for almost five years now.
In motorcycle gear, leather offers better protection against abrasion when compared to synthetic materials (textiles).
Following below points are the few advantages
Of real leather.
1. Can be worn for longer duration of time without removing.
2. Has breathability. Will act as a natural skin.
3. Product can be utilised for a longer duration probably for decades if properly stored and maintained
4. Can be repaired . Above mentioned points are a few advantages of real leather.


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