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What is microfiber leather?

Artificial microfiber leather is an innovation of the modern technology, it is a big leap of improvement for synthetic leather. Microfiber leather is created from polyester fiber, polyamide fiber and polyurethane. More and more factories are using Microfiber leather as the best alternative for natural leather. Between 2004 and 2012, Microfiber leather consumption has a growth rate of 8.7% annually. By 2010, the consumption is 118 m2 and 2012, it is 141 m2.

Microfiber leather can be used in production of many products, including: footwears, bags, furnitures, car interior. With several superior characteristics (technical speicification, performance increment, etc.) microfiber leather has become popular globally and is accepted more by manufacturers. In Vietnam, Microfiber leather is a new material therefore, it hasn't been used widely yet.
Microfiber leather is a type of synthetic leather wholesale, it is a high technology simulation of natural nateral leather. Microfiber leather has similar structure to that of natural leather, however, the initial ingredients are ultra microfiber "sea-island" (Polyester fiber and polyamide fiber which ranges between 0.3 to 1 dtex) and high quality polyurethane then use the non-woven fabric production technology to form the 3D structure. The material characteristics of Microfiber is quite similar to natural leather, and some physical and chemical specifications are better than that of natural leather.
• Microfiber leather has better appearance than natural leather.
• Microfiber leather has better tensile strength, elongation, tongue tear, heat endurability, acid resistance, alkali resistance, decoloration resistance, non-fading surface than animal hides.
• Antibacterial, anti-mildew, mothproof, without any harmful substances, very environmental
• Microfiber leather is considered the Green Product in the 21st century.
• Easy to cut, high utilization rate, easier to clean than animal hides, odorless.
• Cost-efficient, better productivity than natural hides.
• Product diversity