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What is the Difference between Leather PU and PVC?

In general, synthetic leather, such as PVC and PU leather, other than genuine leather, is collectively referred to as artificial leather or imitation leather. PVC and PU are both one kinds of plastics, but the manufacturing processes for these two kinds of products are not the same.

PU/PVC leather

PVC leather should be stirred into paste by hot melt, evenly coated on the T/C knitted fabric substrate according to the specified thickness, then foamed in the foaming furnace, so that it can adapt to the production of different products and different requirements of softness, at the same time make the surface treatment (dyeing, embossing, polishing, grinding and fuzzing which are mainly carried out according to specific product requirements).

PU leather is more complicated than PVC leather in manufacturing craft. Because PU backing cloth is good tensile strength canvas PU material, in addition to the coating on the top of the backing cloth, can also wrap the backing cloth in the middle, so that the appearance of the backing cloth cannot be seen. PU leather has better physical properties than PVC leather, such as flexural resistance, good softness, tensile strength, and air permeability which PVC hasn’t. The pattern of PVC leather is made by hot pressing the steel pattern roller; the pattern of PU leather is made by pressing a pattern paper on the surface of semi-finished leather, waiting for cooling down before separating the paper leather for surface treatment. The price of PU leather is twice more than that of PVC leather, and the price of some special PU leather is 3 times higher than that of PVC leather. Ordinary pattern paper for PU leather can only be used 4-5 times, and the use period of pattern roller is long, so the cost of PU leather is higher than that of PVC leather.

The distinguished method between PU and PVC is easy. From the corner, PU backing cloth is much thicker than PVC, and the hand feel is also different. The hand feel of PU is softer; PVC is harder. Burning by fire can be also used, the taste of PU is much lighter than PVC.

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