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What Is the Most Durable Sofa Fabric?

Sofas are often found in many homes and businesses. They offer comfortable seating for waiting rooms, offices, break rooms, hotel lobbies, large bedrooms, basement recreation rooms, and many other locations. For all of these places and purposes, durable sofa fabric is not only helpful, but it is vital, particularly in high-traffic areas. Sofas in public areas are more prone to heavy wear than other sofas, and they eventually need to be recovered or replaced with a new one that is in better shape. Whether buyers are selecting a new sofa or are choosing the fabric for a sofa upholstery project, they should familiarize themselves with the variety of available options for sofa fabric, keeping in mind that the primary requirement for high-quality sofa fabric is durability. Buyers should research the different fabrics in order to identify the right fabric for their needs, then discover specific websites, such as eBay, and brick-and-mortar retail locations, china leather factory where they can find good prices on durable sofa fabrics.


Microfiber is a unique synthetic material that incorporates miniscule polyester fibers into a tightly woven fabric. The result is a typically soft material that feels a little like suede or velvet. Some kinds of microfiber are denser and resemble the texture of corduroy. Microfiber works well for people with cats, since the closely-woven fabric makes it nearly impossible for cats to work their claws into the sofa and scratch it. Microfiber couches can be found in a modern or contemporary living room, because they give a smooth, sleek look.

Durability Against Stains
Microfiber is also ideal for buyers with children, since it is very easy to clean compared to other types of sofa fabric. Since microfiber is water-repellant, it handles spills well, keeping them on the surface rather than letting them seep into the sofa's padding and potentially causing smells. This means that even a gray microfiber sofa lasts without showing unappealing stains. If owners of a microfiber sofa take care to clean it right away after they notice dirt or spots, they should be able to avoid any permanent staining to the fabric. To clean the sofa, owners should use a soft cloth, warm water, and a gentle soap. In cases where there is severe risk of staining from tomato products, grape products, or other color-intensive foods and drinks, owners may be able to use a special stain remover that is designed specifically for carpet and upholstery.

Buyers should note that a white or cream-colored microfiber couch is likely very difficult to keep clean, in spite of the advantages of the fabric. A white sofa shows lint and other particles, and it may become stained from the oils on users' hands, particularly if they are wearing some kind of lotion.

Durability Against Dust
Dust does not affect a microfiber sofa as it would a regular cloth-covered sofa. The fine fibers filter dust, preventing it from accumulating significantly. Any dust that does remain on the sofa can be easily removed by a quick pass with a vacuum attachment.This resistance to dust accumulation makes microfiber a great choice for users who suffer from dust allergies and other types of allergies.

Durability Against Wear and Tear
Since microfiber sofas are covered with densely woven fabric, they do not suffer tears and rips as easily as regular sofas. The microfiber surfaces also wear well under normal use. While it may eventually show a few worn patches on the front edges of seat cushions and on the tops of the armrests, these worn areas likely take years to develop. In the meantime, the sofa provides classy style and comfortable seating for its users.