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Why choose leather over fabric?

Choosing the right sofa for your home can be a bit tricky, there are a lot of things to take into account – family, pets, money and of course, quality. Fabric sofas can be a good solution for many people, but they can ware and over time, end up looking a bit grubby. So here at Old Boot Sofas, Alfie wants to tell you why choosing a leather sofa over a fabric sofa is not only a financial benefit, but also a long lasting one you won’t regret.
This is Alfie, he’s good looking, stylish and irresistible to the ladies. He’s a 4-seat Leather Chesterfield, built for good looks and maximum comfort. If anyone knows anything about stylish leather sofas, it’s Alfie! These are Alfie’s tips:
I’m Family Friendly
I’m great with kids and pets, sticky fingers, spills and muddy paws aren’t a problem to my soft, super supple Vintage leather. I’m easy to clean and look after, so no matter how messy your family may be, I will keep just looking fantastic. Hoorah!
I’m Durable
My leather is super strong, in fact it’s tough as old boots yet super soft to the touch, so I think it’s worth spending a little more on me because in the long run I will save you money. No need to replace me after a few years wear and tear! And who doesn’t like to save money?
I Age Well
Glitter leather fabric, along with wine of course, is one of the few things that get better with age. I’m covered in Vintage Leather, which is totally natural, so over time, I will become even softer and suppler than I already am! And even when I become softer, I will still be as strong as I ever was. And just like any distinguished gent, a few lines, wrinkles and a touch of grey can only improve my good looks and character!
I’m unique and cool
Each piece of leather is completely unique, so in a sense I am an exclusive piece, which no one else will have! Leather never goes out of fashion and can be a really cool centrepiece to any home. Whether your taste is traditional or more urban chic, I’ll fit in just the same.
Leather is very durable and family friendly, it ages well and it is always cool. What more could you possibly ask from a sofa such as Alfie? Find a fantastic selection of leather and Chesterfield leather sofas online here at Old Boot Sofas, you’re sure to find an Old Boot that fits!


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